North facing beauty in Wellard Primary School catchment. side) and Ranford Road (north east side) are included within the area for Canning Vale Primary School, while the boundary street of Nicholson Court (both sides) is excluded from the area for Canning Vale Primary School. We found 17 schools near Wellard, WA. • Built up area of 243m2 with actual living approximately 190m2. Following is Perth primary school local intake area already plotted. Western Australia Primary School Local Intake Area. The following is an optional area for Canning Vale, Forest Crescent and Ranford Primary Schools: The following defines the local-intake area of this school— From the junction of Wellard Road and Bertram Road, south east and south along Wellard Road Madora Bay Primary School (planning name) located in Madora Bay; opening to students in 2023; eases pressure on nearby schools. Welcome to Wellard South West Primary School! CALISTA PRIMARY SCHOOL (Government Gazette January 2014) The following defines the local-intake area for this school: From the junction of Wellard Road and Parmelia Avenue, north along Parmelia Avenue (west side included) to Chisham Avenue, west along Chisham Avenue (south side included) to Meares Avenue, north along Meares Avenue (west side included) to Sulphur Road, west along Sulphur … This will eventual hold all the school local intake school (Catchment) map for Western Australia. Orelia Primary School 08 6174 1200 The Kings College14 08 9411 4100 Bertram Primary School 08 6174 1000 Wellard Primary School 08 9553 0600 North Parmelia Primary School 08 6173 8500 Map of Educational Facilities in Kwinana Every child from pre-primary to year 12 is guaranteed a place at their local public school. ... Primary School and transport. Wellard Village Primary School (planning name) permanent capacity for 650 students. NORTH PARMELIA PRIMARY SCHOOL (Jun16) The following will define the local-intake area of this school from 2017: From the intersection of the Kwinana Freeway and Anketell Road, south along the Kwinana Freeway (west side included) to Thomas Road, east along Thomas Road (south side included) to the western boundary of Marri Park Golf Course, south along the western boundary of Marri Park … 49 were here. Schools Online is a directory of all public schools in Western Australia. Compare your options side by side to pick the best school for your child. Here you will find a range of information about each school including school annual reports, student results and details of local-intake areas for student enrolments. 40 Sunstone Drive, Wellard ... • 4 x 2 x 2 on 545m2 facing north within the school catchment. West Swan East Primary School (planning name) located in Dayton; opening to students in 2023; eases pressure on nearby schools. I will start with the primary school for Perth first and then move onto the rest. The following is an optional area for Baldivis, Marri Grove and Mundijong Primary Schools— From the junction of Duckpond Road and Mundijong Road, west along Mundijong Road to the locality boundary between Baldivis and Oldbury, north west along this locality boundary and • 2 Minutes to the freeway via Mortimer road. 6 Public primary school site 77 Transmission easement 8 Resource Enhancement wetland 99 Wellard train station 10 Pedestrian underpass 11 Large lots (1500m²) to provide transition with existing special residential properties 12 High school site with shared co-located oval 13 POS link to existing Homestead Ridge Estate 14 Public primary school site Road (east side) are included within the area for Baldivis Primary School. WOODLAND GROVE PRIMARY SCHOOL - 5849 (JUNE 2019) The following will define the local-intake area of this school from 2020: From the junction of Abernethy Road and Doley Road, west along Abernethy Road (south side included) to Kargotich Road, south along Kargotich Road (east side included) to Orton Road, west along Orton Road (south side included) to the junction with Casuarina Road (and …

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Welcome to the official website of screenwriter and filmmaker, Jordan Giesemann. Aiming to elevate genre storytelling through film, we are focused on developing and creating original dark genre content and producing micro-budget films for multi-platform release. "We make nightmares come true".








  • White Rabbit
    White Rabbit 2022
    Lewis is a promising young filmmaker on the verge of becoming a prodigy due to his unique visionary style. However, still haunted by some of the traumatic and tragic events of his past, he soon finds his life starting to spiral out of control, as he delves into a brutal nightmare wonderland of sex, drugs and violence, his mind starting to tear itself apart as he awakens his own true and holy violent nature, ultimately setting off to exact revenge against those responsible for his pain, along with anyone else who crosses his path or gets in his way.
Coming Of Rage
Genre: Movie
Status: In Process
When: April, 2022
At the center of the terror is Shane, an openly gay high school student outcasted by his peers and rejected by his alcoholic father, who, with the help of his newly developed telekinetic powers, becomes an unrestrained, vengeance-seeking powerhouse after a cyber-bullying video goes viral on social media and serves as the catalyst that turns his gift into a weapon of horror and destruction no one will ever forget.

January 2021

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