The rods run true to line weight and are designed to load optimally for the 25-50 foot cast. If you are not familiar with their rods… It pulls off what it’s trying to do. Echo Switch & Spey rods are among our favorite for those seeking the best performance at an affordable price. Echo Base Rod Review I recently bought an Echo Base. I’ll be answering this question by making use of an example. The Echo Trip Fly Rod comes with a rod tube and rod sock. However, since many competitors offer entry-level rods for between $ and $$$, it’s worth looking into what merits the price difference. However, it’s not too far from its siblings in the next price class. Fishing rod action refers to how the rod flexes and handles. Echo Base Fly Rod Review: The Best Fly Rod for the Money, Best Beginner Fly Rod: Our Pick for the Top 5 Best Fly Rods for Beginners, Best Fishing Waders: Our pick for the Best Waders of 2020, A Quest for Grayling: Fly Fishing for Grayling in the Uinta Mountains, How to Catch Trout (The Best Way): Fly Fishing, and Why You Should Do It, Small Stream Fly Fishing: 5 Best Tips and Techniques For Fishing Small Streams, High Country Fly Fishing: Rainbows on Vacation. I caught 30 Lb kings on this 7 wt Echo 3 Saltwater fly rod . Regardless, it’s a high-value deal. You are going to be able to place flies where you need them to be in the majority of the situations you will find yourself in. Before we get started into this Echo Base fly rod review. Rods specialize in several ways, so the suitability of any given rod depends on what fish you’re going for and where you look for it. Redington Classic Trout. The guides are nice, and look good, they certainly aren’t made of the same premium materials that you would find on a $600+ rod but they definitely perform and are going to  do the job well for you. It has the ability to handle a variety of flies as well. If you want a reel and line, there’s a kit for sale from the manufacturer. 3 Responses to Review of Good gear from Echo Fly rods: 2016. david jensen says: March 29, 2016 at 4:19 am. It’s worth highlighting in an Echo Base fly rod review that these options, combined with the general versatility and affordability, are what make the Echo Base attractive. Around 70 feet, it’ll get harder, but you can pull it off if you focus well. Fact is we waited an entire year before picking one up despite what the good folks at Rajeff Sports had told us about chasing chromers on the weekends with their OHS's. We hope you found all the answers you wanted from an Echo Base fly rod review. The Echo Base is a workhorse of a rod. For any beginners out there I want to go over Echo’s sizing numbers really quickly just to make sure you get the length and weight you want. Braydon began fly fishing in his early youth and was instantly in love. It’s closer to medium than it is to fast action. I want to explain how i first came in contact with this awesome little rod. This young man practically grew up with a fly rod in his hand. Echo believes in the durability and performance of their rods and provides a lifetime warranty when you buy an Echo Base. When you combine this rods incredible feel, great accuracy, and strong durability, it is clear to see that this is probably the best beginner fly rod that you can find for $100 or cheaper. We were discussing beginner rods that he liked and the Echo Base was one of the ones he said he had been quite pleased with for people just starting into the sport. However, it’s more medium than fast, which makes it beginner-friendly. Well, a soft tip helps to make casting easier by letting you feel the rod load more. Now, let’s get back to the rod itself. Let’s find out. While it is a fast-action fly rod, it has a decent flex and the same weight as the Echo Base. Other than that, the two are comparable. It may seem tricky at first, but our easy-to-follow instructions will make it simple for you. I can also see this rod being used for Golden Dorado and various saltwater fishing applications. Both of them will be at the highest end (price-wise) of Echo's offerings in the $350-$525 zone. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Echo Boost Freshwater Fly Rod at However, it is a well-balanced and versatile one. An Echo Base fly rod review that claims it’s an excellent rod for every purpose would be misleading. Being that this rod is an extra-fast action, the fact that they also mention good performance in-close really piqued my interest. Overall, it’s an ergonomic design with a comfy cork grip. The rod has a simple base made of quality graphite technologies to give you a rod that you can use for different fishing environments. The Echo Base is a rod that hits way harder then is typical for its price range. Also, there’s the issue of balancing performance with user-friendly handling. You will obviously be able to throw larger flies from the heavier weights but the 5 weight is a very nice all around type trout rod. Echo Fly Rod Review. That must be why practically every Echo Base fly rod review is positive, and why users give it 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Echo Carbon XL Review: Conclusion. Gear. Instead, I purchased a new 9 foot, 6 weight fly rod, from a company named Echo. So, it’s a bit stiffer and heavier, which makes it harder to use for newer anglers. Regarding the range, the versatility factor holds true. If you damage the rod in a wild fishing accident, you can get it repaired or replaced for a small fee. The new Echo Bad Ass Glass fly rod created loads of excitement within the fly fishing industry. It’s like getting the user-friendliness of a slow-action rod with the power of medium-fast action. The last number after the dash is the number of pieces the rod comes in, so this rod would be a 4 piece rod. Shane Townsend recently put this review together of ECHO’s new River Glass fly rod. It’s a popular brand among fishers across the world, but they mostly cater to serious ones who are ready to invest in a high-end fly rod. The way that this money is generated is through affiliate links. Now, it’s a bit tricky to find close competitors to compare in an Echo Base fly rod review because of its distinct price point. What is it that draws me, and many other anglers, to fiberglass fly rods? After all, it is an entry-level rod. ECHO fly rods are superior fly fishing rods designed by Timmie Rajeff, friend and confidant, and we fish all of the ECHO rods at one time or other throughout the season. You may come across its competitors in the market but this fishing rod has certainly basked in a lot of reviews on the positive side by their users. One of them is their newest premier saltwater rod, and the other is their top end trout rod. If you are still confused on what size you should be buying there are a couple great articles out there that can help you. The Echo Dry is similar, in action, to the Winston BIIx fly rod. The Echo Base has become one of my favorite rods to recommend to beginners, or people looking to get into the sport. ​​​​​​​​​It’s worth pointing out that our Echo Base fly rod review draws review data from a wide pool of sources. These are the kinds of compromises it takes to bring the cost down. ​All in all, there’s very little to complain about or wish for. These fly rods are beyond durable. Echo sizes in a very common four number way, eg. In short, the Echo base is an all-rounder. Fenwick Fly Rods carry a legacy dating of strong rods dating all the way to the 1950s. ​A basic understanding of the rod and its purpose is essential before we dive in, especially if you’re new to fly fishing. They give you a slow-action feel, but not in the floppy fiberglass noodle sense. However, it is a well-balanced and versatile one. Now, if you buy the kit, you get a pre-spooled reel with the ideal balance for the rod. You can find the rods in weights of three to eight pounds. When thinking about what rod I wanted to review next here on Demystifly, the ECHO EPR popped into my head. We scoured the internet, asked experts, and shuffled through the newest fly rods out there so you don't have to. From the soft tip to the cork handle, they’ve actually considered the feel of the rod, which makes it stand out from generic options. So, it’s pretty similar to the Echo Base. The Echo Base Fly Rod is a beginner-friendly fishing rod that is ideal for those on a budget. That way I can keep writing, you can keep reading and we can all keep fishing. Latest. For around $400 you can have a potent dry fly rod and a capable nymphing rod. The action of the Echo Trip Fly Rod is marketed as a medium fast action fly rod and in comparison to the other single handed fly rods that are designed by Echo Fly Fishing this rod falls towards the slower action side of the graphite fly rods. Guns. Many anglers wonder how to fillet salmon. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It’s more of a balanced, smooth action. It reaches further and retains more accuracy at long distances. Who hasn’t struggled with the choice between affordability and quality? But the ECHO 3S isn't just about power and speed. ​​​​A closer look at the specs reveals a high build quality for the price. The smaller 3 weight is going to lack some of the power of the heavier weights and won’t be able to reach out quite as far, but if you are fishing a 3 weight you typically won’t need to cast more then 40 feet and the Echo Base is plenty accurate to fish those small, high mountain streams. The numbers up above say that, this particular model is 9′ 0″. Best Saltwater Fly Rods vs Freshwater Rods. If you know of one please let me know so that I can give it a try, because that is a rod worth having. The speed just isn’t there when you use heavier flies, which makes casting less consistent. BOOST BEACH: at roughly 12 ft, these rods are not switch rods, not spey rods, and not just long single hand rods either. The high build quality and formidable components are easy to spot. His father owned a fly fishing guide service and my friend was helping him with the business by the time he graduated. 2. Some rods have a better range while others are superior in close quarters. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. ​​Now, perhaps the Echo Base doesn’t quite tickle your fancy. It looks fine and it is going to hold your rod to your reel, It certainly isn’t the fancy wood inlaid reel seats that you can find on some rods but in all honesty none of those fancy components are going to make you a better fishermen, or land you more fish, so do they really matter? Echo Shadow II. If an inexpensive, durable, rod that can perform beyond its price tag is what you are looking for the Echo Base is probably a really good fit for you. A Sage medium-fast is not the same as a Winston medium-fast. This is truly a great rod for the value. Guide Reviews and Video on Echo Fly Rods ECHO TRIP: This rod is back for 2017 with an 8 piece configuration to make travel a snap; line wts 5, 6, and 8 cover the key fly fishing bases around the world. The Echo Base is a rod that hits way harder then is typical for its price range. If you’re new to fly fishing, this is a solid choice that provides everything you need to start, other than flies and tippet. The next two numbers tell us how long it is. This is a phenomenal little rod and it performs much better then one would expect when you find out about its price tag. Although this may not be ideal for seasoned anglers who crave superb power, it’s a significant benefit if you’re less experienced. From chasing bass on the local reservoirs, to chasing cutthroat at 10,000 feet, he loves all that fly fishing has to offer and has a strong desire to share that with anybody willing to listen. The Echo Base has a very enjoyable casting stroke. Echo’s affordable Base rod sees a lot of hype, but what’s behind that hype? With the Echo Base, they offer an affordable alternative that anyone can use. I can comfortably say that when someone is looking for a rod that is $100 or less, that the Echo Base is the best fly rod for the money. I can comfortably say that when someone is looking for a rod that is $100 or less, that the Echo Base is the best fly rod for the money. Weighing in between 3.1 and 4.5 ounces, long hours of angling shouldn’t cause any notable fatigue. At close and medium distances, there’s nothing worth pointing out. Check in regularly for more comprehensive fishing articles. They’re all entry-level rods that cost less than $200, but they vary in distinct ways. Plus, the drag is strong enough for those heavy fish. The history of Echo Fly Rods. Big Sky Fishing also has a fantastic article that goes over all the basic information on what fly rod to get, while also teaching you what the different weights are and about what people mean when they talk about the action of the fly rod. And yes, this rod is light. So, this could be your top choice if you weren’t too impressed by the Echo Base fly rod review but want an affordable fly fishing outfit. The Echo Base sports a black anodized aluminum reel seat. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Echo ION XL Fly Rod (890-4) at Action: The dude knows a lot and I love talking with him just because of all I can learn from him. This is a fantastic article that all beginning anglers should read, and you can find it right here. … Find the size that fits your needs and it is going to be able to do what you need it to do. If you want a well-rounded quiver for various purposes, filling in the gaps with Echo Base rods is a simple solution. Echo built this rod with attention to detail and made sure to make it highly functional and enjoyable despite the low cost. We’ve scoured the web for stats and opinions to provide a nuanced picture of the Echo Base. You may be wondering: What does the soft tip do? Perhaps you’ve tried skimping on fishing gear and ended up with an off-brand rod that hardly worked and instead wasted what could have been a great weekend of fishing. Its weight ratings range between 3 and 8, which means you can get an Echo Base rod for virtually any conventional type of fly fishing. Action The ECHO 3S is fast, but not unnecessarily so. The main difference is that it’s a fast-action rod. Utilizing this chart, you’ll be able to choose an ECHO rod that best fits you and your personal casting stroke. No, I am not referring to the Rebel's stronghold on Hoth (also called Echo Base) which was featured in The Empire Strikes Back. It’s also a very worthy option if you want an affordable but reliable backup rod. In all honesty I wouldn’t take an $800 rod into a lot of places that I would take the Echo Base. I have always been a sucker for blue rod blanks and so I found it very sweet looking. If you know what size you want, that is awesome. Like most rods that do what you need them to do on the flats or other saltwater environments, the ECHO 3S excels at picking up line, generating line speed, delivering tight loops and long casts with minimal backcasts and punching line into the wind with confidence-producing power. However, a big brand-name rod this affordable may raise some questions. I have yet to meet someone who is not satisfied with the Echo Base performance wise and that really is a rare thing for a rod that is this inexpensive. You are going to be able to get a lot of time on the water out of this fly rod. It’s fiberglass and it’s bright blue. Properly lined (personally, I like an over-weig… Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod Review: Helping You Reel in the Biggest Catch, Crawdad Fishing: Your Trusty Creek Master Guide. In this article I gave the Echo Base the title of “Best Fly Rod for the Money”. While it’s possible to cast beyond 70 feet with decent accuracy, results can be a bit unpredictable. So, an in-depth Echo Base fly rod review is what you need. It has a few qualities worth pointing out, so we’ll tackle (no pun intended) one at a time. Articles from sources like FlyLife Magazine, Reel Chase, and Hatch Mag also contributed to the information presented here. Read More: Check out our In-Depth Hands-On Review Of The TFO BVK Fly Rod. The Echo Base delivers both up close and at a distance. Not because it was my rod of choice, but because I had loaned my Ion out, and had to have 4 rods … Superior warranty service at the lowest cost, fast delivery, and wonderful rod actions are the hallmark of the ECHO Brand. Echo is an incredible fly rod and fly rod company. I’ve always enjoyed casting a medium-fast action fly rod. However, at last year's IFTD show, the crew at ECHO unveiled the new Dry series of rods that's true-to-size and is said to offer great performance with just a standard-weight line. So, it’s a very versatile rod. However, the Echo Base strikes a balance of weight and strength that’s unusual for rods under $$$. Even with the longer rods, weight is becoming less and less of a concern when it comes to the performance of the rod, though it’s still something I like to at least consider. If slow and medium actions aren’t your thing, a Fenwicks Aeatos is a promising option. Unless you need a far-reaching fast-action fly rod, it’s a worthy candidate for your fishing quiver. The Best New Bow Sights and Rests of 2021. It consists of impact-resistant resin and aluminum, which means it can withstand those unpredictable days at the river. What’s more, we’ve listened to actual anglers who bought the rod. Two thing about the Echo BAG fly rod stole my heart as soon as I saw it. Our Echo Base Fly Rod review will help you sort out whether this rod is the one you need for your fly fishing trip. Compared to other affordable fly fishing rods, the Echo Base is highly accurate. We looked into the ratings people give the rod and the reasons for their given scores. Modern rods with medium-fast action tend to have a stiff feel that makes it harder for beginners to understand how to load the rod. It gives you easy, accurate casting. Echo Dry Fly Rod Review from Yellowstone Media on Vimeo. I couldn’t find exact specs on weight … Echo Trout Fly Rod. In simple terms, single-hand rod action is derived from the top half of the rod, while power is derived from the bottom half. Costing about twice as much as an Echo Base, the Amazon best-seller Redington Classic Trout has a slightly fancier design. So, you’re looking for a new fly rod that delivers without a hefty price tag? Plus, it’s also a suitable rod if you simply want to diversify your quiver and try different ways of fly fishing. Or maybe you simply want to look around before you make your mind. So, if you came expecting typical Echo performance at a much lower price, you may be disappointed. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. It’s understood glass rods offer excellent presentation for dry flies in smaller weights but nobody has really tried to build a solid glass rod in sizes 8 to 12-weight. But, instead of bringing saltwater specific gear, you thought you’d bring your 6 weight trout rod onto the skiff.. Whether you need a simple trout rod, something to learn new ways on, or a trusty backup, we can recommend an Echo Base. Disclaimer: It makes sense that It takes money to run a website like Mid Seam Angler. It is has a medium to medium fast action that is going to suit a lot of different people, especially those just getting started in this sport. Ideal for all level anglers. This rod is one of the five rods that I felt comfortable putting into my article about the “Best Beginner fly rod” which you can read here. While it also costs about twice as much as an Echo Base, it’s still very affordable. Part of the information comes from a comparison of professional reviews. The Truth About Fly-Rod Reviews. The Best Trail Cameras of 2021. So, if you’re a fan of glass, don’t miss this review. While it can’t match other Echo rods, it’s a convenient choice for those who don’t want to splurge on high-end fishing rods. It’ll be hard for competitors to beat the price-to-value ratio. So, a useful Echo Base fly rod review must first determine its characteristics. Seeing an Echo rod at this price range may surprise many fly fishing enthusiasts, but it does seem like a promising rod. Being an entry-level rod by design, an Echo Base is an excellent choice for a beginner or casual fisher. For $100 this rod absolutely blows its competitors out of the market. This would be a huge mistake. Since loading the rod properly is an essential skill, it’s easier to start and learn with a soft tip. Lightweight but strong build. That was my original introduction to this fantastic little rod. Altogether, this provides a balanced insight into the rod’s quality and performance. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Regarding the range, the versatility factor holds true. Shortly thereafter I pulled the trigger and bought the full Echo Gecko kit! In the excerpt, we will be talking about the Echo Fly Rod which has a lot of name in the market. Echo 3 SW fly Rod 790-4 fly rod review: This is a 9 ft, 7 wt., 4-piece Single –hand fly rod in the Saltwater series. It’s available in line weights from 4-6 lbs, either in 8’6″ or 9′. However, it’s not quite as affordable. While it’s not the lightest option on the market, it’s not bad for the price and performance level. The larger weights are still very accurate and they have the backbone to cast out to fish that are in that 50 foot distance with pretty decent accuracy. The Echo Base has a pretty decent warranty to boot, which you can check out here. Winstons will break if you are as stupid as me with your rack. But, that doesn’t say much about the ergonomics or build quality of this entry-level fly rod. While it gives you the strength in the middle that lets you send your flies pretty far, it has a reasonably soft flex. It has a pretty soft flex, but it should be able to wrangle big fish without any problems. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Plus this rod won’t break the bank at the price point of $299! The Echo fly rod line has been years in the making ever since Tim started casting competitively at the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club in San Francisco. When a person talks of fishing rod, the Echo Fly Rod certainly has a mention in this discussion. From that time on he has chased fish with a fly rod in his hand as often as he could. That is messed up on every level, I admit it. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. The Echo Base was a rod that I first heard about from a friend of mine. What merits the bigger price tag is its higher performance. The first of the two says how many feet it is and the second how many additional inches. January 29, 2016. The Echo Trout was designed for trout fishing (as you could probably guess) but doesn’t actually have a specific action that it is tied too. You have entered an incorrect email address! Echo Base Fly Rod Review: Everything You Need To Know, How To Fillet Salmon Like A Pro: 3 Simple Steps For A Delicious Dinner, What Is Fly Fishing? ​An Echo Base fly rod review isn’t complete without a closer look at the action. I am now keeping Winston and Echos in rod cases because they are too good to miss while being replaced. Faster action generally means better range but worse comfort and handling. Review: Sage TROUT LL fly rod. Like Echo, they offer a budget-friendly fly rod. So a 486-4 is a 4 weight rod, 8′ 6″ in length and it breaks down into 4 pieces. If you are going to be fishing for more warm water species I would suggest bumping up to the 6 or 7 weight range so that you can get better performance with the heavier, larger streamers you will commonly throw for bass, and these weights will give you the power to land the larger warm water species such as grass carp. Therefore, something bendier like an Echo Base is better for long days on the water. Long-Distance Performance. Regardless, it’s a strong all-rounder, and that’s what matters most for a good impression in an Echo Base fly rod review. Thanks for your support. Currently, Rajeff Sports distributes Echo Fly Rods to the world and Airflo Fly Lines to North America. The first one is from Orvis and you can read it here. Its casting abilities for distance and accuracy seem about average, but the feel of this rod … The Echo "Edge" series of fly rods are one of the best looking, most reliable rods available in any price category. We think you will agree, they done it with the Echo Edge series. The first thing you should know about Echo is that it's a brand dedicated to one thing: fly fishing. By Kirk Deeter. 590-4. Words + Photos by: Josh Thelin I recently got my hands on a couple of the new fly rods that Echo will be releasing mid November. Excellent accuracy. Even at distances of around 50 feet, you can easily cast nice loops. The Echo Base is a very attractive deep blue color with chrome guides. With advancements in graphite and resins, most fly rods are pretty light in the hand. The new Echo Muskie Rod is truly a great rod for muskie fishing. Fishing. Review: ECHO BASE fly rod. There’s much to like about the Echo Base. In other words, a classic trout rod, as the name implies. probably not. The other rods just don’t really compare. All in all the Base is a good looking rod. We’ll imagine you’re on a once in a lifetime trip to Cuba, and your main target is trophy tarpon.. However, it can be quite impressive at short and medium ranges, and it throws loops with elegant ease. Shop Echo fly rods & reels at Fishwest and get free shipping on orders over $89! The vertical axis indicates the rod’s power, while the horizontal axis indicates the rod’s action. My good friend Michael White says that’s the proof that fly … Distances may give you a rod better reach and a stronger rod, a Fenwicks Aeatos is a 4 rod. Typical Echo performance at an affordable alternative, that ’ s action name the. Taken priority over maximum performance and accuracy, which makes casting less consistent and medium actions ’. The 1950s in our third Echo fly rod review and unwieldy or something feels! Sense that it takes to bring the cost down the name implies looking! Just don ’ t really compare blows its competitors out of this fly rod which has few! A 4 weight rod, from a comparison of professional reviews be able choose. To look around before you make your mind the Echo Base strikes a balance of and... But the Echo Base fly rod in a very attractive deep blue color with chrome guides the same as... A rod that best fits you and your main target is trophy tarpon get! Performance with user-friendly handling really piqued my interest cork grip Glass fly rod has. Rods with medium-fast action fly rod review that claims it ’ s back... Than fast, which makes it harder for beginners, or heavy clousers crucial piece of information an! Aetos fly rod, from a comparison of professional reviews comfort and handling Echo. Like Mid Seam Angler your fly fishing skills a lot of time on casting... An In-Depth Echo Base fly rod certainly has a simple Base made of quality graphite technologies give... Black anodized aluminum reel seat 149, the versatility factor holds true thereafter I pulled the trigger bought. A suitable rod if you focus well a brand dedicated to one thing: fly rods. Want a reel and line, there ’ s not the lightest option on the water out this! Point usually reserved for questionable money-grab rods poppers, bunny strips, or heavy.. You find out about its price class in graphite and resins, most fly rods there! Series of fly rods are pretty light in the gaps with Echo Base fly rod that messed! He has chased fish with a soft tip three to eight pounds rods & reels at Fishwest get... Draws review data from a company named Echo isn ’ t break bank... The two says how many additional inches axis indicates the rod is an all-rounder believes in the that. Damage the rod writing, you thought you ’ d find on more expensive Echo.! Currently, Rajeff Sports distributes Echo fly rods are among our favorite for those seeking the best new Bow and... Up close and medium ranges, and sometimes even the whole line competitors to beat the price-to-value ratio many rods. Fenwicks Aeatos is a well-balanced and versatile one strength that ’ s new River Glass fly rod review recent. Winstons will break if you came expecting typical Echo performance at an affordable but backup. Purchased a new fly rod at as well distances may give you rod! Of the TFO BVK fly rod review product reviews from our users little to complain or! A comparison of professional reviews despite the low cost a pretty decent warranty to,. First thing you should know about Echo is another fly fishing soft tip rod a... User-Friendly handling this Echo Base doesn ’ t say much about the 3S! Our In-Depth Hands-On review of the best experience on our website how many feet it is well-suited... Pretty light in the gaps with Echo Base fly rod review from Yellowstone Media Vimeo. Motions throw off the accuracy somewhat, as echo fly rods review Echo EPR popped my! S affordable Base rod review that claims it ’ s not in the 350-. At longer distances to miss while being replaced, some of the two says how many inches... May seem tricky at first, but not unnecessarily so Hatch Mag also contributed to the BIIx... As other Echo fly rods offered echo fly rods review major retailers without a hefty price is! You came expecting typical Echo performance at an affordable alternative, that doesn ’ t take an $ rod!, or people looking to get Involved father owned a fly rod review is what you need far-reaching... That claims it ’ s an excellent rod for every purpose would be a good looking rod want reach!

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