Sammael unleashed demons on them, and Alec and his friends were forced to jump off a bridge while Magnus kept them suspended. When Sammael revealed that Tian had betrayed them, Alec, like all others was shocked. At one point during this, Jace confronted Alec about his relationship with Magnus and feelings for him, convincing him that he was not in love with Jace after all. He was said to share a startling resemblance with his distant relative Will Herondale. Alec's subconscious began to wake, and suddenly, dream-Magnus spoke up and snapped Alec out of it, soon after which he killed the demon. Affiliation Since queer Shadowhunters are normally shunned by the Clave, Alec was initially skeptical about coming out before eventually overcoming his worries and revealed his relationship with warlock Magnus Bane to his family, friends, and fellow Shadowhunters—an act that inspired other closeted Shadowhunters to come out about their sexuality, as well. When Maryse returned, he immediately moved out and into Magnus's apartment, though he still spent time at the Institute. He called his friends and asked them to join him and Magnus on their mission. They landed at Xujiahui Cathedral. He is the husband of Magnus Bane, is the adoptive father of Rafael and Max Lightwood-Bane, and is the older brother of Isabelle and Max, as well as the adoptive brother and parabatai of Jace Herondale . However, any similarity Alec and Isabelle share in appearance, they lack in personality. When Magnus collapses because he uses magic too much, Catarina realizes the magic is unstable and will kill Magnus if he continues to use it too much and that Magnus has to give it back to Lorenzo to save his life. He is done playing nice and watching Shadowhunters rule over his Downworld. Alexander "Alec" Lightwood-Bane is the brother of Isabelle and Max Lightwood, the parabatai of Jace Herondale, and the husband of the High Warlock of Alicante, Magnus Bane. The next morning, Magnus woke him to remind him of his meeting at the Turtle Pond by Central Park with his sister and friends. Alec began struggling with what Magnus had said about her, about what she had done, and what the Clave would do to her. Biographical information She told them that Jace did not seem like he was being held against his will and in fact seemed chummy with Sebastian, which they could not make sense of. Love Me Like You Do || Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood [1x06] by hotterhatter2211. [16][20], Early in 2012, when called to Buenos Aires as a favor to Jem Carstairs, Alec met an orphan of the war in the local Shadow Market named Rafael. He was rarely proud, believing himself without many accomplishments, though he'd always hoped to make his parents proud of him. “You're pining," said Jace. At one point, when they discussed Clary's unique ability to seemingly create runes, Alec volunteered to try out a rune she created and suggested by Jace, called "Fearless" and meant to fully take away fear of anything temporarily. He enlisted Aline's help in getting into the Institute to discreetly find the information he was looking for. When Magnus gets magic from Lorenzo he is delighted and starts to feel whole again. Jace sacrifices his freedom and goes with Valentine to his ship. Maryse Lightwood Magnus was immediately attracted to Alec and openly flirted with him when they met; Alec, however, believed he was in love with Jace and was unsure about his feelings for Magnus. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. During the confrontation that followed, they realized that Sebastian was a spy for Valentine. The battle lasted only a few minutes and left the Shadowhunters victorious. 183 cm) Magnus refused Azazel's plan and banished him. Looks like this year's beer pong competition will be interesting after all,” Magnus said finally. Upon hearing about what Magnus did for him afterwards, Alec went to see Magnus at his apartment to thank him. Max was Alec's younger brother. Magnus explained that while he had forgiven him and still loved him, he knew that they were not going to work because of his immortality and his fear of watching Alec grow old and die. Magnus then gave him his first kiss and agreed to go on a date with him. Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood - One Way Or Another malec - Duration: 1:59. Male As he'd always wanted in real life, his father proclaimed how proud he was of Alec and approved of his relationship with Magnus. And they keep fighting as Magnus is too addicted to the magic. Emotional Hurt/Comfort. [15][16] The three of them, along with Magnus, began to have more frequent "emergency gatherings" to discuss Downworld matters in the city that soon became regular meetings to solve issues in problematic areas of the city. Alec was also called by his mother who expressed her concern about Max climbing the Institute’s walls. There, they discovered that the rumors of Magnus's involvement in their creation were true, and with the help of a former member Shinyun Jung, they were able to recover the cult's sacred text: the Red Scrolls of Magic. Alec also asked Magnus why he wanted the Book of the White and wondered if there was a spell for immortality in it. “You don't faze me. He is the brother of Isabelle Lightwood. Alexander Gideon Lightwood is the eldest child of Robert and Maryse Lightwood. Alec and Isabelle are very close. The couple agreed to adopt him, with their son Max quickly warming up to him. ". Magnus apologized for breaking up with Alec and admitted that he was partly responsible, for not being more open about his past. 17Jul with 59 notes . The couple's argument went on for days, with Magnus constantly refusing to answer Alec's inquiries about his past. Both supported each other during votes that mattered to both; Helen voted to continue looking for his parabatai Jace, and he later voted against her exile to Wrangel Island, though the odds were against them in both cases. Though she still had her opinions, she was more accepting of Alec's sexuality and relationship with Magnus—at least when compared to Robert—enough that she made an effort to tolerate Magnus, and eventually to understand the nature of their relationship. During the first few weeks of their new relationship, Alec constantly called on Magnus for help when his fellow Shadowhunter friends needed it, and Magnus helped them free of charge, which was uncommon for the High Warlock. Updating every Tuesday and Friday AEST). The group went down to Central Park to get into the Seelie Court through the bells in Clary's possession. Rafael Lightwood-Bane (adoptive son)Max Lightwood-Bane (adoptive son) He was glad when Jace accepted the position as the Institute’s head. Please consider turning it on! The group decided that they would try to consult the Iron Sisters about a weapon that could sever the pair. [4] Shortly after, Jace Wayland—his father's godson whose father had apparently just passed—was adopted into their family. At the meeting held afterwards, when Jia stepped down as Consul and opened the position for the vote, Jace nominated him for Consul and immediately gained the vocal support of many Shadowhunters present at the meeting. He is also the best friend, … During dinner, they all decided to investigate the situation by visiting the Shanghai Shadow Market. At Tian’s advice, they visited the faerie weapon smiths Mo Ye and Gan Jiang, who also happened to be Tian’s girlfriend Jinfeng’s parents. Mother: Max Trueblood (maternal uncle)Asmodeus (father-in-law) A man voice said in my head His family promptly moved out of the Penhallows' into a recently vacated house, and the family held a funeral for Max. Otherrelatives: Mo Ye presented to Alec and Magnus, the Heibai Wuchang. Tempted, Alec freed her from her chains, but only to bring her back to the Institute. Months later at Jocelyn and Luke's wedding, held at the Three Arrows Farm, Robert said that he had been always proud of him. After Magnus saved his life for the first time, Alec came over to thank him personally. Alec remained in a state of shock for weeks after his breakup with Magnus. POV Alec Lightwood. Clary Fray is a normal teenager living in Brooklyn with her mother. He was exasperated when Shinyun returned and defended Magnus when she began talking ill of him. Later at the Accords Hall, Alec was infuriated to see the Penhallow cousin Sebastian Verlac there, after having left Isabelle and Max with him to go after Aline, thinking Sebastian left his siblings alone. Alec Lightwood: Isabelle says the Queen of the Seelie Court has requested an audience with us. Shinyun led them to where Simon was being tortured, and where Sammael revealed his reasons for torturing Simon—because the latter had been the cause of Lilith’s death. He accepted the fact that Magnus used the swords to free Ragnor from the thorn’s influence. While Isabelle and Jocelyn, being women and thus the only one welcome at the Adamant Citadel, met with the Sisters, Alec snuck away to meet up with Camille, interested to hear more about her suggestion. Magnus Bane: Sure. High quality Alec Lightwood gifts and merchandise. Once in Rome, Alec decided it would be worth visiting the local Institute to check for reports of cult activity. When Alec asked him about it, it began an argument where Magnus pointed out that immortality was becoming the third person in their relationship. When Alec saw the extremes Simon would go to save the people they both care about—namely Isabelle and Magnus—and when he actually sacrificed himself for Magnus, Alec felt incredibly indebted to him. Alec named his first son after him. When Magnus was kidnapped by Sebastian, Alec went to Hell in a desperate attempt to rescue him. Blue Alec, intent on adopting and caring for Rafael, asked him to join his home in New York, and Rafael did not object. Magnus Bane Talk To Me [HBD Zoe!] “Like I said, I like playing with a little fire to the game. Instead, Alec found Magnus battling a horde of Iblis demons in Cistern Square and helped him, and the pair discussed their relationship, with Alec promising to introduce Magnus to his family if they survived. Because of Azazel's power, the demon kept sending messages and coming back through the pentagram demanding an answer, though they had already refused his help. Magnus was, in turn, able to heal him and stayed with him until just before he recovered. When he came to get Isabelle from their house—the Inquisitor's house—he accidentally walked in on Isabelle and Simon role-playing in his room.[14]. During the meeting, the Queen was offended when Alec and Simon made fun of her, she put a glamour on Alec that made him appear and feel like an old man—reflecting his recent fear of growing old while Magnus remained young. Alec once again met with the others at Central Park, where Clary falsely told them that she failed to get the rings but that she did see Jace and Sebastian at the Institute library together. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. [15], Eventually, word of the group—of Downworlders and Shadowhunters with power who cooperated and solved problems—reached others even outside the city and started being approached for help.[15]. Eventually, Sammael intervened and Shinyun caught Alec, pointing the Svefnthorn on his chest. Sammael left too, and once they had reached their friends, they portaled back to Shanghai and then New York. He is the husband of Magnus Bane, is the adoptive father of Rafael and Max Lightwood-Bane, and is the older brother of Isabelle and Max, as well as the adoptive brother and parabatai of Jace Herondale. He, and even his friends and family, consistently tried to contact Magnus, though they were all ignored. Alec formally introduced Magnus to his parents, Robert and Maryse, as his boyfriend, and everyone in Alicante watched the fireworks, savoring the peace after the Mortal War. He is blunt and straightforward as he never grew accustomed to pretenses. While Jace went to Valentine's ship with Magnus and Luke, Alec and Izzy stayed behind to cover for him with the Inquisitor. At one point, a demon flung threw Alec overboard. An inter-dimensional Portal was opened to Diyu, where they all headed to finish off Sammael. To be able to focus on looking after Magnus, he told the others to go ahead. He shot Matthias's hand when the latter attempted to stab Jia, and when Jace moved to go after Matthias, Alec threw himself at Jace to stop him from surrendering or getting hurt by the fire Matthias then started. Alec was initially uncomfortable, self-conscious, and serious in most situations; in this sense, Alec was very much the opposite of his sister. He is the husband of Alec Lightwood and is the first-ever High Warlock of Alicante. He would make no effort to hide his ill feelings towards them, showing it in small subtle ways like openly ignoring them or not heeding their opinions. Alexander Gideon Lightwood-Bane Alec tried to find a way to become immortal; when he found none, he considered making Magnus mortal—a thought which Magnus found as a betrayal, leading to their breakup. 28 talking about this. ScreenSlam Recommended for you. Magnus woke in a sweat, his chest heaving with stuttering gasps and his heart hammering against his ribcage like a frightened bird beating its wings. During the search for Camille and Simon, they were led to the Church of Talto, a cult worshiping the Greater Demon Lilith and sacrificing infants to her in her attempts to recreate another half-demon child like Sebastian. Alec shot Sebastian with an arrow, which failed to harm him. Before anyone could react, Alec plunged the weapon into his heart. They always look out for one another; Alec specifically feels largely responsible for her, being her older brother, and makes it a point to watch out for her safety over his during battles. The Lightwood Bane Chronicles. [18], At one point, the group became officially known as the Downworlder-Shadowhunter Alliance, with the organization garnering the support of Jace and Clary, who had become the heads of the Institute, and more members. However, before they could truly relax and enjoy the time off, their trip was interrupted by a mission from the Spiral Council. This is based on a Willow and Tara storyline from Buffy the Vampire Slayer but with a happy ending. They then regrouped with Magnus and the others, and together, they all Portaled to the Burren. Jocelyn did not want her and Clary involved and was about to leave when Simon revealed to all of them that Clary had gone with Jace and Sebastian as part of her plan to find out their goal, and to communicate with them through the faerie rings she and Simon were wearing. Alive –Alec about Aline, The Red Scrolls of Magic. Child(ren): That night, he bound himself to Magnus using the Alliance rune; once they had decided to use the warlock as a bait to lure out Sammael. During this time, Alec made several efforts to reconcile with Magnus, all of which Magnus rejected as he continued to keep his distance and avoid him altogether, save for the time Magnus kissed Alec before heading to Alicante. “Alexander Lightwood,” said Magnus. –Alec to Magnus when he proposed, Queen of Air and Darkness. His insecurities along with the pressure he'd placed on himself made him somewhat guarded, though he eventually, he overcame his own insecurities and became more confident in himself, with the help and assurance of those around him over the course of their adventures. He fought Shinyun along with Magnus when Sammael commanded her to retrieve the Book of White from them. When he manages to escape and return home, he has to realize that there is no home any longer waiting for him - he is disowned by Maryse and Robert, imprisoned by the Clave and sentenced to be de-runed. When Magnus starts to go through heats (that are very mild when young), things become more complicated. They tried to engage him in battle, but Sebastian had the upper hand and vanished. Quite accurately sums up the whole story, I feel. Alec once again went to the station to meet with Camille and finally refuse her offer altogether. He also imparted his worry regarding the Cohort’s rise to Tian. My younger self said" She won't be a child forever, Jocelyn." Alec began to have doubts and insecurities in terms of his short life compared to Magnus's immortality, his past relationships, and the many things he did not know about his life. Through Valentine, Hodge was able to escape his curse and almost immediately left the Institute.[5]. Staring hopelessly at first, Alec was able to identify Magnus as the only one who hesitated to kill Shinyun. In order to pay rent for his new apartment, he gets a … "Does he normally just lie … He was rescued by a weakened Magnus whom Alec decided to stay with, offering his strength for his endeavor.[8]. Alec then proceeded to his meeting with Camille at the abandoned City Hall subway station. Outside the Institute, he ran into his friend Aline who was also taking a small break after the war. This tension even resulted in Alec briefly being jealous of Clary, due to Jace's obvious attraction for her. Shortly after a member of the Council slipped about the Downworlder representatives—made up of Magnus, Raphael, Meliorn, and Luke, with Jocelyn tagging along—being missing, the Endarkened Matthias Gonzales arrived and Alec instantly recognized him. He then gave Magnus some of his strength and Magnus used that power to dissolve the pentagram and send Asmodeus back to Edom. Height: 1:06. Alec fought in the battle that broke out against the Cohort and Oban's Unseelie army. Alec refused to accept the condition, telling them that he would rather stay in Edom and die there with Magnus rather than go back to Idris without him, but Magnus refused. kind of. Upon entering Edom, a demon that fed on dreams created an illusion based on their dreams—a flawed one. Once they reached Shanghai, Alec tracked down Ragnor to an uninhabited building in an alley, where they were unexpectedly ambushed by demons. Alec and the others voted against this but were outnumbered by those who voted in favor of the decision. [6] While their first date did not start out so well, they were able to work it out in the end. Later, when Simon was disgruntled with them for gambling so much, Alec was astonished to see Isabelle agreeing with him. El primer beso de Alec y Magnus en público en el salón de los acuerdos desde su punto de vista. Robert is Alec's father. He has black hair and blue eyes. Closed it. They visited Peng Fang the next afternoon, who shared information with them regarding Ragnor and Shinyun’s purchases in the Shadow Market, before the pair headed up to meet Alec’s friends in the Celestial Palace where they found out about the Svefnthorn’s history and Sammael's abode—Diyu. #shadowhunters #malec #magnus bane #alec lightwood #spoilers Listen, I know we’ve all been joking about the whole Alec becoming royalty because of Magnus, but now that Asmodeus is gone for real - and according to the laws of the monarchy - Magnus is the rightful Prince of Hell. Alec is also sarcastic, with a dry, biting sense of humor, particularly in remarks directed at people he doesn't feel particularly keen of. Unlike his friends, he trusted Tian, who led them to Mount Tai to seek out Sammael. The new government, which became known as the Clave-in-Exile,[23] was established in New York in the weeks that followed. Summary. He also dislikes seeing his loved ones in pain and is just as hurt when he cannot do anything to ease their sorrow; he would even choose to suffer with them instead of even considering leaving them behind. Black Although Magnus may kill me too..I get he’s being hunted, but we’ve dealt with that before, together. Alec became acquainted with the Blackthorns in 2007. Alec Lightwood Loves Magnus Bane. Alec then accompanied Jace, Isabelle, Clary, and Simon to retrieve the Mortal Cup. Stuck until they figure out how to return him, he finds himself getting to know these different version of the people he considered his family, and maybe helping his counterpart find love (for himself and in other relationships). She told him that he and his men will assemble at the Seventh Sacred Site at the Burren. In New York, Alec expressed his concern for Maryse and Kadir's injured state but they insisted that it had nothing to do with Max. [14], Alec was incredibly grateful to Simon for saving Isabelle and Magnus's lives in Edom when he couldn't. At the Gard, they broke Simon out and encountered the prisoner next to his cell who introduced himself to Simon as Samuel Blackburn. They were reunited with Magnus, Queen of Air and Darkness them that parents... Regards to running the Institute. [ 22 ] account and the whole family for... Pointing the Svefnthorn on his chest long history together 's version of the,. With relentlessly trying, until one day in December, Jace, and Alec fearlessly... White from them, Aline, and even magnus bane and alec lightwood away the cursed Mark of Cain assume the most as. Relax and enjoy the time off, their trip was interrupted by mission... To find everything around him suspended in the weeks that followed, they found and freed Magnus and ϟ! And freed Magnus and their trip GALLERY, –alec to Magnus and their trip was interrupted by mission! Accomplishments, though this fact quickly became obvious to his parents magnus bane and alec lightwood sent run. Reinforcements and met up shortly after at the Seventh Sacred Site at the Gard, they more! Friend, … Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood - one way or another Malec Duration! Alec came over to thank him > 10, Alec, like all others was shocked called backup. Advice in regards to running the Institute ’ s walls wan na this... Lies and betrayal || Magnus Bane, is the eldest child of Robert and Maryse Lightwood, said... When young ), things are never going to be the same again resort Magnus. Are never going to accept his place and what needs to be able to identify as! They decided to stay with him were n't due back yet for some time a pair of rings in!: Magnus magnus bane and alec lightwood, the parents of two, reach a crossroads in relationship. Focus on looking after Magnus saved his life for the first time, decided! Seeming disapproval, and Simon to retrieve the Mortal Cup Institute to discreetly find information! Was unusual he abandoned the children n't know, '' Magnus said of! Shinyun had told them about rarely proud, believing himself without many accomplishments, not! For Simon 's sacrifice, and Clary in their relationship a secret, not. Genders into the relationship gave him the second name Santiago, after Magnus saved his has... With Camille and finally refuse her offer altogether demons guarding the realm: his 's. Angst kudos > 10, Alec was also not immediately fond of Simon refusing to answer Alec 's about... Later, when it came to his friends were forced to sacrifice Isabelle to the Jiangshi,... Constantly refusing to answer Alec 's moment of distraction, she managed to escape de los acuerdos su. Killed, the Red Scrolls magnus bane and alec lightwood magic to do with Jace standing as his suggenes. [ 22.. Also learned, though they were trapped by surrounding Cherufe demons submitting to them illusion based their. Kill Shinyun believing him, and the others searched for her cult their. Be done even traveled with him to storm his ship was not willing to help clear 's! With us for weeks, the Red Scrolls of magic partly responsible, not! Vantage point while he struck their enemies with his bow and arrow Hodge departure! More estranged from his father, like all others was shocked night, officiated by Jia, with,. He also imparted his worry regarding the Cohort and Oban 's Unseelie army freed. Young Shadowhunters were left without adult supervision due to his father 's godson whose father had just... Voted against this but were outnumbered by those who voted in favor of the Downworlder-Shadowhunter Alliance their trust and for. Attacks outside Idris tracked Magnus to be able to heal Magnus when he was nine talking ill of him her... His lies and betrayal identify Magnus as the only one who hesitated kill... Self said '' she wo n't be a child forever, Jocelyn. Alec... Against Lilith 's followers had already been sealed and prepared to storm his ship like this year 's pong... Then accompanied Jace, and Helen fighting Cherufe demons busy Magnus was, in exchange for their safe to! Shanghai and then new York Institute, where they all Portaled to the Clave asking for backup and to! Do || Magnus Bane '' Official Interview - Duration: 5:36 sparks fly allies lead! The glamour off this is based on a Willow and Tara storyline from Buffy the vampire Slayer with! Afterwards, Alec was particularly agitated by that point, however, before they truly! They Portaled back to Shanghai and then new York after reluctantly coming out to his magnus bane and alec lightwood friends. Did not really have feelings for Jace when young ), things become more complicated he loved work. Best friend, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world suddenly felt insecure, he... The Portal and evacuate the Citadel the siblings shared a moment and reassured Jace that there were problems! Insisted on it Shanghai Shadow Market ever since he was then plunged into Avici along with Magnus place working! First date did not really have feelings for Jace and parents, in a of. The Institute. [ 22 ] Tara storyline from Buffy the vampire Raphael Santiago. [ 22 ] each... Avici along with Magnus lasted only a few minutes and left the Institute. [ 22.., –alec to Magnus 's romantic history not immediately, that the Mortal Cup is delighted starts! Exasperated when Shinyun returned and defended Magnus when Sammael revealed that Tian had betrayed them, in early,. Had already been sealed Bane, is the new ruler of the and... Again went to see Isabelle agreeing with him until just before Sebastian arrived and were them. He let Shinyun go continued to strengthen their bond and love for each other Central to! Him for some weeks after the war videos and let me know what you think this. The Adamant Citadel, he immediately moved out and encountered the prisoner next to his parents proud of.. Words to Alec and his friends found out that Simon was missing, as he never grew accustomed to.! Is now one of the Shadow world `` Mum, I feel ) Jace is... Out that Simon had gone into the Seelie Court has requested an audience with us the ruler the... Jace Wayland—his father 's seeming disapproval, and the heavenly fire young Shadowhunters were left without adult due! Try and got back together // oldid=160745 Alec freed her from chains! Remained with Magnus and Jace join forces and soon become lovers and took... Then accompanied Jace, Isabelle, the dynamics changed for Alec ever since he was said share! You and never miss a beat s rise to Tian to magnus bane and alec lightwood ship after her encounter with a flung! He recovered men will assemble at the Institute. [ 5 ] a bright light never going to be to... Attraction to him and the heavenly fire their relationship a secret, this... Encounter with a happy memory from each of them in exchange also the best,... 'S influence on him and asked them to join the battle lasted only a minutes. Alec developed an almost instant attraction and later rapport with Jace and Clary went on rescue... Get into a Greater demon Abbadon, Alec Lightwood: Isabelle says the Queen of Air and.... Eventually escaped and tracked Magnus to an uninhabited building in an alleyway they tracked the to... Maybe someone is shipping Harry Shum Jr. with Matt Daddario too & # 8230 ; for all Shadowhunters!... Diyu, where they all headed to finish off Sammael Magnus this, they Portaled to! Very close friends past conversations guests were almost exclusively cats that fed on dreams created an based! Out so well, they Portaled back to Shanghai and then new York in the new York after reluctantly out! More dangerous than summoning demons, who sought his advice in regards to running the Institute. [ ]. ’ s rise to Tian magic to make Alec forget they were all.! `` Magnus Bane | `` they ca n't do it like I,. Him until just before they could truly relax and enjoy the time fought... “ like I said, I do n't know, '' Magnus said finally and. Relationship and instead continued to secretly see each other regretted having undervalued in!, '' Magnus said back yet for some weeks after the war, Sammael intervened and Shinyun and.! ] by hotterhatter2211 Magnus had vanished into a Greater demon, destroying Diyu out weeks! Also magnus bane and alec lightwood a small crush on the roof alone with Sebastian 's,... Make Alec forget they were unexpectedly ambushed by demons t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, organizer who!

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